Friday, May 6, 2016

Honk - "Pipeline Sequence" (1972)

Honk - "Pipeline Sequence" (did not chart in Billboard). Written by Steve Wood, Richard Stekol, Craig Buhler, Tris Imbuden, and Will Brady. Produced by Honk and Terry Wright. 45: "Pipeline Sequence"/"Made My Statement (Love You Baby)" (20th Century 1972). LP: The Original Soundtrack from Five Summer Stories (20th Century 1972).

Honk was an eclectic Orange County band whose soundtrack for the popular 1972 surfing film Five Summer Stories, by Greg McGillivray and Jim Freeman, sold especially big in Hawaii, where the film's first segment takes place. The sudden "surf band" identity baggage might have unraveled the band, which had unraveled by 1975, although they play the occasional reunion show to this day. (Quite a few Beach Boys tracks also appeared in the film but not on the album soundtrack.)

If "Pipeline Sequence" reminds you of any sounds from the Boston-Styx-Kansas FM rock era, keep in mind that it predated many of those. A country song on the album called "High in the Middle" became another memorable musical highlight in the film, which seems incongruous until you consider the steel guitar's honored place in Hawaiian music history.

Honk - "Pipeline Sequence"

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