Thursday, May 19, 2016

John and Ernest - "Super Fly Meets Shaft" (1973)

John and Ernest - "Super Fly Meets Shaft" (Billboard #31, entered 4/14/73; soul #17). Written and produced by Dickie Goodman and Sal Passantino. 45: "Super Fly Meets Shaft"/"Part Two" (Rainy Wednesday 1973). LP: Mr. Jaws and Other Fables by Dickie Goodman (Cash 1975).

Dickie Goodman teamed up with a partner named Sal Passantino for this pseudonymous record featuring two white guys (although no one knew that) satirizing black popular culture. (Joel Whitburn cites the duo as "John Free" and "Ernest Smith," but these are likely pseudonyms he'd found somewhere for Goodman and Passantino.) It's another record that could entertain preteens who likely had little familiarity with contemporary icons of blaxploitation films. The record's content propelled it to #17 on Billboard's soul chart; a John and Ernest follow-up called "Soul President Number One" would never reach the charts.

The samples: A mystery version of Jackie Ross's "Selfish One," "I Got Ants in My Pants" (James Brown), "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone" (Temptations), "Keeper of the Castle" (Four Tops), "Me and Mrs. Jones" (Billy Paul), "I'll Be Around" (Spinners), "Shaft" (Isaac Hayes), "Back Stabbers" (O'Jays), "Love Train" (O'Jays), "Freddie's Dead" (Curtis Mayfield), "Daddy's Home" (Jermaine Jackson).

John and Ernest - "Super Fly Meets Shaft"

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