Friday, May 13, 2016

The Original Caste - "Mr. Monday" (1970)

The Original Caste - "Mr. Monday" (Billboard #119, entered 4/25/70). Written and produced by Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter. 45: "Mr. Monday"/"Highway" (T.A. 1970). LP: One Tin Soldier (T.A. 1970).

The Original Caste, from Calgary, Canada, managed to get three more songs of theirs to "bubble under" the US charts after their initial Top 40 success with the first hit version of "One Tin Soldier." "Mr. Monday," the immediate follow up, had a similar Pachelbel's Canon chord sequence as "One Tin Soldier in the verses. A mystical piano hook, though, reminiscent of the one at the beginning of Pink Floyd's "Remember a Day" (1968), closes out the choruses. "Mr. Monday" would be the Original Caste's biggest Canadian hit, reaching #4 and also selling thousands of copies in Japan.

The Original Caste - "Mr. Monday"

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