About Kim Simpson and this blog

I'm a musician, writer, and radio host who lives in Austin, Texas, where I earned a Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Texas. I published Early 70s Radio: The American Format Revolution with Continuum (now Bloomsbury) in 2011. The book examines changes in the radio industry—especially the rise of demographic-oriented formats—in an American cultural context. (And by the way, in case you missed it, I recently appeared as a commentator on the BBC's "I Can Go for That: The Smooth World of Yacht Rock.") 

The early seventies were the entry portal to life as I know it (born in 1969), so that might be why the era's music and radio topics, which I must have latched onto early in life, stay with me. This companion blog is a place for me to pursue tangents, especially songs and stations, and I hope it can keep developing into something informative and interconnected. Any readers who share a similar interest—especially those who lived it—are invited to chime in or to contact me at ksimpson3 at gmail dot com for contributions or conversation. Visit my musician webpage at kimsimpson.us and see my Song ID Blog.

By the way, all the music samples are YouTube embeds that are minimized, because music's always better by itself. Rare, impossible to find songs will stream as (comfortably scratchy) mp3s.


  1. Good stuff. I encourage you to keep going. I graduated high school the year you were born and became a Top-40 deejay the same year. 52 years later I'm still barking into mics, but to paraphrase Carly Simon, "Those were the good old days." Wait, that's the original phrase!

    1. Big thanks Dave - Keep busy with those mics and all best to you!