Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Richard Williams - "Till Love Touches Your Life" (1970)

Richard Williams - "Till Love Touches Your Life" (did not chart). Written by Riz Ortolani and Arthur Hamilton. Produced by Alfred Perry. 45: "Till Love Touches Your Life"/"I've Never Loved Anyone" (Quad 1970). LP: Madron (Quad 1970).

The theme song for this Western (filmed in Israel) about a gunfighter and a nun was nominated for a 1971 Academy Award, and it's the only track on the album with vocals. The singer, Richard Williams, had been a regular on the TV show Love-American Style, and his 1970 Where Do I Go LP, which also contained "Till Love Touches Your Life," earned a plug in Billboard that predicted "good MOR mileage." Contrary to a blurb on that album's cover from KMPC personality Johnny Magnus declaring Williams as being "on his way to the very top," Williams subsequently disappeared with rare thoroughness.

Richard Williams - "Till Love Touches Your Life"

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