Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Assembled Multitude - "Woodstock" (1970)

The Assembled Multitude - "Woodstock" (Billboard #79, entered 10/3/70; easy listening #23). Written by Joni Mitchell. Produced by Bill Buster and Tom Sellers. 45: "Woodstock"/"Mr. Peppercorn" (Atlantic 1970). LP: The Assembled Multitude (Atlantic 1970).

The Assembled Multitude's #16 hit "Overture from Tommy (A Rock Opera)" provided a service in bringing the Who's album track to AM radio, but the studio instrumental ensemble's two follow-up singles, "Woodstock" and "Medley from 'Superstar' (A Rock Opera)," were less-memorable Muzak exercises. Even so, "Woodstock," employing the minor-key orchestral swathes we've learned to associate with the cinematic presence of Native Americans, could have perhaps worked as a Billy Jack-style action movie theme.

Billboard ad from October 10, 1970, provides a visual image of the Assembled Multitude, giving names to faces. Nowhere to be seen is key contributor Tom Sellers, the arranger who'd also done work for Glen Campbell, the Hues Corporation, the Electric Indian, and Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods.

The Assembled Multitude - "Woodstock"

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