Thursday, August 11, 2016

Nancy Wilson - "Now I'm a Woman" (1970)

"Now I'm a Woman" (1970)
Nancy Wilson

Written and produced by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff * 45: "Now I'm a Woman"/"The Real Me" * LP: Now I'm a Woman * Label: Capitol * Billboard charts: Hot 100 (#93); soul (#41) * Entered: 1971-01-02 

The release of Nancy Wilson's Now I'm a Woman album coincided with her distingu√© performance in an episode of Hawaii Five-O's third season ("Trouble in Mind") as the heroin-addicted jazz vocalist Eadie Jordan. In one scene, the no-nonsense Steve McGarrett confesses to being an Eadie Jordan record collector and fanboy. Otherwise, it's a sad episode, and it's sad that her "Now I'm a Woman" single—a Gamble-Huff Philly soul lamentation of male abandonment in family and romance—would be her only early seventies Hot 100 entry as well as her last one ever. Happily, she'd make classy appearances on the R&B charts until 1994. The single's B side presents Wilson in her familiar setting as a jazz singer in front of a big band, even though the song is a new piece written by Gamble and Huff (and arranged and conducted by Philly Soul stalwart Bobby Martin).

Side A: "Now I'm a Woman"

Side B: "The Real Me"

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