Monday, August 15, 2016

Luiz Bonfa - "Window Girl" (1970)

"Window Girl" (1971) - Luiz Bonfá

Written by Luiz Bonfá * Produced by Ernie Alschuler * LP: The New Face of Bonfá * Label: RCA Victor * Billboard charts: 

Brazilian composer and guitarist Luiz Bonfa wrote the song of his career, "Manha de Carnaval, in 1959 for the Black Orpheus film. (Its many cover versions often show up as the "Black Orpheus Theme.") He released three albums for RCA in the early seventies, with the first of these, The New Face of Bonfa, showing up on Los Angeles MOR powerhouse KMPC's album airplay list. The lead-off track "Window Girl" showcased the Giannini Craviola 12-string guitar Bonfa was favoring at the time (pictured on the album cover), although the flugelhorn of Alan Rubin took the lead. If the track was never used on a commercial, then the reason it wasn't is one of the era's great mysteries. Bonfa, who did the arranging for most of the album, let Marty Manning do the honors on "Window Girl."

"Window Girl"

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