Monday, August 1, 2016

Jim Pike - "Morning Girl" (1971)

Jim Pike - "Morning Girl" (1971)

Written by Tupper Saussy * Produced by Jim Pike and Tony Butala * 45: "Morning Girl"/"Here, There and Everywhere" * LP: Everything Is Good About You * Label: Capitol * Billboard charts: Easy listening (#34)

Although the label on the Capitol 45 label and the chart listings all credited "Morning Girl" to the Lettermen's Jim Pike, this version of the Neon Philharmonic's #17 hit from 1969 eventually showed up on the 1971 Lettermen album Everything Is Good About You. Pike and fellow group member Tony Batula get credit for the production, which might imply that they also did the shimmering, Percy Faith-conscious string arrangement, but perhaps Al DeLory, who's credited on five other songs, had a hand in it. This was the last chart entry for anything written by the Neon Philharmonic's Tupper Saussy; future teen idol Shaun Cassidy, though, would give a version of "Morning Girl" a whirl as his very first single in 1975. The B-side featured a rendition of the Beatles' "Here, There and Everywhere," again billed to Pike even though it had appeared previously on the 1969 Lettermen album Hurt So Bad. Arranged by Perry Botkin, Jr., the track featured more of the A-side's alluring strings.

Side A: "Morning Girl"

Side B: "Here, There, and Everywhere"

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